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If your child is under 18 and has been charged with a criminal offence their matter will be dealt with by the Children’s Court

The Children’s Court emphasizes rehabilitation as a sentencing principle, and there are greater sentencing options available which will not negatively impact your child’s future. We understand that parents are especially concerned with protecting their children’s future and we are experienced in obtaining outcomes which will not result in a criminal record.

There are also programs available in the Children’s Court to further assist in rehabilitation.

There are also specific laws which apply to Police interviewing children in relation to offences. Our lawyers can assist you in ensuring your child’s rights are observed during the interview process. Contact us as soon as possible for expert advice on the interview process and criminal allegations against your child.

The Children’s Court applies different principles to adult Courts, so it is important you get advice from a lawyer who is experienced in Children’s Court matters. We are experienced in acting in Children’s Court matters from minor charges to more serious offences attracting severe sentences.

Contact us to discuss your options and obtain advice on your child’s specific circumstances.

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