Meet Julia Zajac

Julia Zajac


Legal Secretary

Practice Areas

Julia is a dedicated Legal Secretary at McNally and Gleeson Lawyers. After earning her VCE certificate at Haileybury Girls College in 2020, she discovered her passion for law and justice during her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne. Julia later transferred to a Bachelor of Law and Arts (Honors) program at Monash University, set to conclude in 2026.

In her role at McNally and Gleeson, Julia engages with a wide range of individuals involved in the legal system in order to provide support to solicitors and barristers. This dynamic role has provided her with valuable experiences and opportunities for professional growth.

A notable aspect of Julia’s journey includes her involvement with barrister Joanne Poole, where she gained insights through shadowing work. Additionally, Julia has contributed to the legal community through volunteer work as a Criminal Secretary at the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Services. This experience has provided her with a unique perspective on the legal system and a chance to contribute to meaningful causes Her interactions with diverse stakeholders underscore the ongoing enhancement of Julia’s effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Enthusiastic about practicing law as a solici, Julia looks forward to making a positive impact in the legal field and embracing the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in her career.