Meet Calvin Sloan

Calvin Sloan

Calvin Sloan


Senior Solicitor

Practice Areas

Bail applications, Sexual offences, Drug offences

A lawyer with a background in international business in both Australia and Austria, Calvin moved into the field of law to follow an altruistic interest in justice. He holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of International Business and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Beyond the workplace, Calvin’s interests extend to the social spheres of Melbourne life, where he is an avid bar-hopper but he also merges this side with a passion for Star Wars, gaming and Twentieth Century war history.

In the industry, Calvin’s true calling comes from helping people in difficult circumstances and he enjoys the broad scope of people he meets, from all walks of life, and in being a support to them. For Calvin, his clients are the primary focus of his work and he treats them like family.

His career specialities lie in the areas of sex offences, serious and violent crimes, and bail applications.