Michael J. Gleeson & Associates are well known throughout Melbourne as criminal law specialists. Our broad experience extends to many other areas of law both criminal in nature and connected to crime including; Drink Driving, Drug Offences, Traffic Matters, Bail Applications, Appeals, Family Violence, Assault, Fraud, Stealing to name just a few.

This vast experience, combined with the firm’s client-focused approach is key to its success. As such, at Michael J. Gleeson & Associates, the client is always at the forefront of its lawyer’s minds. This approach is not always about achieving the most desirable legal outcome for the clients. Sometimes, the legal outcome is not the most desirable at all. To achieve the ultimate outcome, Michael J. Gleeson & Associates prides itself on understanding intricately the personal and business affairs of its clients.

Noticing a rapid technological shift in the industry, Michael J. Gleeson & Associates embraces technology to ensure innovative and efficient legal solutions are provided to its clients in such a way that is expected in the modern business world, whilst retaining traditional values and standards of professionalism and loyalty.

Ultimately, Michael J. Gleeson & Associates is dedicated to providing support to its clients during and after business hours. Staying ahead of, or moving with, the changes in the industry, is critical to ensure that Michael J. Gleeson & Associates continues to exceed its clients’ expectations and to define them.