Intervention Orders

We are able to provide you with expert advice and assistance if you are attending Court for an intervention order or have been charged with intervention order offences. 

In Victoria there are two forms of intervention orders:

  • Family Violence Intervention Orders
  • Personal Safety Intervention Orders

Family Violence Intervention Orders are a civil order made by the Court which protects a particular person from Family Violence.
Personal Safety Intervention Orders are civil orders which protect a person from physical or mental harm by a person who is not a family members.

A person can apply for an Intervention Order themselves, or the police can apply for an Intervention Order to be made against you.

If you have been served with an application for an Intervention Order or a Family Violence Safety Notice, you have the option to consent to the order or contest it in Court. You should discuss your options with a lawyer before you consent to an order being made as an Intervention Order can have significant ramifications.

If an order is made against you, you can be charged with a criminal offence if you breach that order. Some common charges related to Intervention Orders include:

  • Contravention of Family Violence Intervention Order
  • Contravention of Order or Notice intending to cause harm or fear for safety
  • Persistent contravention of intervention order or Family Violence Safety Notice

Contact us for legal advice specific to your personal circumstances, and your options in contesting an Intervention Order.